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Asimayan Nandi

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Asimayan Nandi[modifica]

Asimayan Nandi is a prominent figure in the field of Pediatric Neuro Developmental Therapy, known for his extensive academic background and hands-on expertise. Based in Kolkata, India, Nandi has emerged as a leader in providing specialized care to children with various developmental challenges.

Education and Professional Journey[modifica]

Nandi holds a PhD and has completed his Basic Neuro Developmental Therapy at the South African Neuro Developmental Therapy Association in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. Under the guidance of Dr. Gillian Saloojee, a Senior SANDTA tutor, he became a trained Paediatric Neuro Developmental Therapist [NDT]. Currently, Nandi serves as a Senior Consultant at the Child Developmental Centre within the Apollo Multispeciality Hospital in Kolkata.

His expertise encompasses the BOBATH Method, specializing in addressing a range of neuro-disabilities, neuro-developmental challenges, genetic and syndromic conditions, chest conditions, and fine motor difficulties in children.

Advanced Training and Certifications[modifica]

Asimayan Nandi's commitment to continuous learning is evident through his advanced studies. He completed level – II NDT courses on Movement Analysis and Facilitation of Athetosis child from the renowned Bobath Centre in London. Additionally, he received advanced upper extremity management and treatment training for children from the Neuro Developmental Treatment Association, USA, under the guidance of Lezlie Adler OT and Kate Blain OT.

Nandi is trained in assessing children with Bayley Scales for Infant and Toddler Development, certified in Hydrotherapy (Water Specific Therapy) from IATF, Valens, Switzerland, and holds the title of a Certified Sensory Integration Therapist from the University of Southern California/WPS.

Research and Publications[modifica]

Nandi has actively contributed to the scientific community through his research findings presented at international conferences. Notable publications include poster presentations at the European Academy of Childhood Disability on topics such as the efficacy of balance training in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and the relationship between fine motor function and cognition in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

His commitment to advancing the field is further showcased through a poster presentation on the integration of experienced Therapy Aides in care delivery for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Asimayan Nandi's holistic approach to Pediatric Neuro Developmental Therapy, coupled with his dedication to research and advancements in care, positions him as a notable figure in the global healthcare landscape.


  • Publications:*

1. Poster Presentation- "Examining the importance of experienced Therapy Aide (experience@gt;5 yrs.) in ICF CP corsets validation study for integrated care delivery to the children suffering from Cerebral Palsy" - European Academy of Childhood Disability-2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands 2. Poster Presentation- "Efficacy of balance training in children with Autism spectrum Disorders" - European Academy of Childhood Disability-2018 Tbilisi, Georgia 3. Poster Presentation – "Efficacy of using knee immobilizers with children suffering with hypotonia" - European Academy of Childhood Disability-EACD 2019 Paris, France 4. Poster Presentation – "Comparing the relationship of fine motor function and cognitive in children with Autism Spectrum disorder" - European Academy of Childhood Disability-2020 Poznan, Poland 5. Poster: "Use of scanning pen with Children with Autism" - EACD 2023 Ljubljana, Slovenia



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